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Professional Conduct and Moral Values

The company paid attention that each of the board members, employees of the Company and its representatives act in accordance with the highest personal integrity and professional standards in all activities and abide by the laws and regulations in force in addition to policies of the company.

Employees are required to comply with be characterized by integrity, whether to achieve personal or company's benefit.

Members of the Board and the employees of the company, in general, are to be abide by the following ethical rules:

  • Transparency: The company maintains communication with stakeholders, communicates transparently and effectively regarding the financial and social performance of the company.
  • Responsibility: The company is responsible before the stakeholders. The company also set realistic and achievable goals in addition to the evaluation of results and reporting on a regular basis.
  • Honesty and Integrity: the company is committed to honesty, fairness and honesty in all its dealings with stakeholders and to create a good working environment.

The Structure of Corporate Governance